Adventures in Innovation


R&D was the genesis that launched Northern Electric from the sleepy Canadian branch plant to a publicly traded company with a market cap of more than $300B, $30B in sales, and 100,000 employees worldwide. The lessons learned from my Nortel experience... “Innovate or Die“


By John F. Tyson

1 - Finding a Place

"On a spring day in 1966, I decided to visit Northern Electric and it’s new R&D campus. Approaching the front desk, without an appointment, and carrying my signature black 36x24 inch designer portfolio case, I asked the front desk attendant if I could see someone from personnel. Although I was offered an application form, I told the very nice woman that I didn’t fill out application forms, and I wasn’t there for a job; I was there to interview the company for future reference. Somewhat puzzled she called the personnel office and asked me to take a seat. In a few short minutes I met my first Northern executive, and my incredible journey in the quest for personal fulfillment began."
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