Adventures in Innovation


R&D was the genesis that launched Northern Electric from the sleepy Canadian branch plant to a publicly traded company with a market cap of more than $300B, $30B in sales, and 100,000 employees worldwide. The lessons learned from my Nortel experience... “Innovate or Die“


By John F. Tyson

5 - Expanding Influence

"Adding to our success of Digital World in 1976; this time we would also invite the titans of industry, the Fortune 500. Not knowing where to start, we decided to go big or go home. Somehow, that lead us to chartering a ship! We negotiated a Holland America first and chartered the S.S. Rotterdam for two private cruises between Miami and Freeport, Grand Bahamas - one cruise for the telco industry, and the other for the leaders of the Fortune 500. Deciding that no cruise was complete without a black tie gala, we booked Victor Borge for the first cruise, and Tony Bennett for the second."